Handmade Guitars by Bob Gramann

The York
The York is about the size and shape of a classical guitar.  These guitars are much louder than you would expect from a small-bodied instrument.  Unless otherwise specified, these have a 24.9" scale length and 1 3/4" nut width.  The body is 19 1/8" long and 14 1/2" wide at the lower bout.  I like playing these guitars.  They are responsive, easy to play, and the size is easy on my shoulders.  This model sells quickly.

The York

143- "Fruit and Nuts" - Mulberry back and sides, Osage Orange fingerboard and bridge, Black Walnut neck and trim, Persimmon pins.  Engelmann Spruce top.  All North American woods.

Mulberry is a relative of Osage Orange, one of my favorite sounding woods for back and sides.  I was eager to hear how it sounds. The first sounds from this guitar were astonishing.  A light pluck makes a big sound. I am very  pleased with this guitar. 

1 13/16" nut

$2950  SOLD

On display at The House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, MD.
152 - All North American Woods:  Engelmann top, Osage Orang back, sides, fingerboard, and bridge, Cherry neck. Sycamore trim, Alaska Sitka spruce bracing, persimmon pins, spalted Poplar rosette.

I built this one for myself.  It has a wide neck (for my big hands), high frets for easy bar chords, and will support only extra light strings.  It is tremendously loud and has a very nice tone.  I can build one like it for you, but this one is mine.  Come try it out and see if you want one.

155- All North American Woods: Sitka top, Mulberry back, sides, and binding, Cherry neck, Persimmon fingerboard, bridge, and headplate.  EVO frets.  1 13/16" nut

Like my last Mulberry guitar, this one has a big sound and is a pleasure to play.


Here's a video of Christopher Cavaliere playing one of his originals "Stole the Tongue" on his York guitar.

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