Handmade Guitars by Bob Gramann

Warranty and Support

I guarantee my guitars to the original purchaser against any defects in construction.  That means that if something goes wrong with the instrument that is my fault, I will fix it.  Just bring it or ship it back to me.  There is no time limit on this warranty other than my lifetime. (You want me to live a long time.)  This warranty does not cover accidental damage, normal wear and tear, or any cracks or dissolution of glue or finish caused by storing the instrument in an inhospitable climate such as a desert, a hot car, an attic, or a damp basement, so be careful with it.

Cracks or damage caused by storing the guitar in excessively dry conditions are not covered by this warranty.  If you can feel the fret ends sticking out of the neck, your house is too dry!  Humidify your house, or store the guitar in its case with a Dampit.  A Dampit or other case humidifier is only a temporary measure for protecting the guitar.  In an extremely dry environment, the Dampit can be overwhelmed and allow damage to the guitar.  Humidify your house in the wintertime.  Your guitar was built in a room with a carefully controlled relative humidity of 40 to 45%.  Keep your house between 40 and 60% relative humidity.   You’ll be healthier, too.
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A sheet entitled "Care and Feeding" comes with each instrument.  Read it and do as it says.  As my practices over the years have evolved, so has this document, so the sheet that came with your guitar takes precedence over the newest version.  Care and Feeding

I am happy to perform adjustments on your Gramann-made instrument at any time, usually without charge.  If you are far from me and want to consult on doing something yourself, feel free to give me a call (after 10 am, please).  This sheet, Truss Rod Adjustment, describes the process for adjusting the truss rod on your guitar.  Over the years, I have changed truss rod manufacturers, so the size the the allen wrench described here might differ for your guitar.  Again, I don't mind adjusting your truss rod for you.  If you do it, you do it at your own risk.

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