Handmade Guitars by Bob Gramann

The Instruments
The instruments are named after rivers, streams, and bodies of water in Virginia generally in order of size from the Deep Run to the Chesapeake Bass.

  • Deep Run - the smallest of the guitars.  It fits on most airplanes.
  • Rapidan - A little bigger.  Very comfortable to hold. (About a size O)
  • York - About the size of a typical classical guitar.  (About a size OO)
  • Rappahannock - Middle-sized.  The sweet spot in the compromise between sound and ergonomics.  (About a size OOO)
  • Maury - Dreadnaught-sized.  The waist is pulled in relative to a dreadnaught to improve the balance and tone.  The Dreaded Maury is this model with a wide waist.
  • James - A jumbo, 16 1/4" across at the lower bout.  Big body, big sound.
  • Chesapeake Bass -  The biggest instrument I make.  An acoustic bass guitar that can actually be heard in an ensemble.
  • Classical
  • Banjo - Open-backed old time banjo

Bob Gramann
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