Handmade Guitars by Bob Gramann

Why play a handmade guitar?


Time to move up to a handmade guitar?

If you can hear and feel the difference, it might be time.

It’s about the sound. It's about how easily it plays. It's about how it feels and how you can play things you might not try on a lesser instrument.

At this level of instrument, there is no "best." It comes down to what you want in a guitar, to what pleases you. Each Gramann-made guitar has its own sound and feel. Each is individually crafted.

My goal in building is a rich, full sound  ΜΆ  loud enough for performances without amplification. While many factories make excellent instruments, a hand builder can make a guitar that is louder, more responsive and easier to play. How? Each piece of wood is unique, so to optimize the performance of the guitar, I work carefully to adjust the dimensions of the braces and the thickness of the plates for each of the individual pieces of wood in the instrument.

Or, put another way:  Two seemingly identical pieces of wood from the same tree can have different weights and stiffness.  A factory sets its dimensions so that the weakest piece of wood expected will still support the mechanical demands of string tension and instrument handling.  A hand builder can discard the weakest pieces of wood and dimension the parts of the guitar to match the properties of the individual pieces of wood.  The handmade guitar will generally out perform a factory instrument.

My shop is in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  If you want to see whether a hand built guitar will make a difference to you, make an appointment and come play some of the guitars I have on hand.  You can investigate those available for purchase by following the links under "Instruments" above. Or, if you know what you want, I might be able to make that instrument for you.
114 front

#114 A Maury (about the size of a dread) with a Laskin Armrest.

Bob Gramann
122 Laurel Avenue
Fredericksburg, VA 22408

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