Handmade Guitars by Bob Gramann

The Rappahannock
The Rappahannock River is a mid-sized river in Virginia and my home town stream.  The Rappahannock Guitar is mid-sized (about the size of an 000) and an excellent compromise between ergonomics and sound.  I use a Rappahannock in my gigs--the sound and size fit me just right.  All of these have a big voice and a full tone.  They have a 24.9 scale length allowing the top to be lightly braced  providing easy fingering and the loudest notes possible.

The Rappahannock

149 front reduced

147 - Back and sides of Osage Orange.    Engelmann Spruce top.  Black Walnut neck. Macassar Ebony Fingerboard. EIR bridge, binding and headplate. EVO frets.  1 3/4" nut. 

It's loud.  It sounds good.  It's easy to play.


135 - Back and sides of White Oak.  Alaskan Sitka top, cherry neck.  Osage Orange fingerboard and bridge.  Walnut trim.  EVO frets. 1 3/4" nut. 

This is an unusual combination of all American woods. White Oak is the secret tone wood. Few have heard how nice it sounds. Over the years, the Osage Orange fingerboard and bridge will darken to a golden brown. This guitar is loud and balanced.

$3350  SOLD
           "Whole Hog"

149 - Back, sides, neck of Honduran Mahogany.  Fingerboard and bridge- Indian Laurel.  (The interior bracing is Sitka Spruce).  EVO frets.
1 13/16" nut.

Another of the named art series.  It's made of mahogany everywhere it can be.  It's light, loud, and has that deep mahogany tone.  I made it as an experiment to see how simple a guitar design could be. 


On display at The House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, MD.

    "Black, Black"
146 - Back, sides, fingerboard, bridge - Black Locust, Neck and trim - Black Walnut,  Alaska Sitka top.  EVO frets.  1 13/16" nut.

All North American woods.
This is one of the named art series.  It has a strong, balanced voice and, like all of my guitars, is easy to play.  The Black Locust has a pretty grain pattern and a good sound.  Black Locust is hard to obtain in pieces large enough to make a two-piece guitar back.  I have enough to make one more guitar.  There won't be many of these.


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