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The Rappahannock
The Rappahannock River is a mid-sized river in Virginia and my home town stream.  The Rappahannock Guitar is mid-sized (about the size of an 000) and an excellent compromise between ergonomics and sound.  I use a Rappahannock in my gigs--the sound and size fit me just right.  All of these have a big voice and a full tone.  They have a 24.9 scale length allowing the top to be lightly braced  providing easy fingering and the loudest notes possible.

The Rappahannock

134 - Back and sides of Crelicam Ebony.  Engelmann top, Maple neck and binding.  EVO frets.  1 3/4" nut.  Macassar Ebony bridge, fingerboard, and headplate.

I gasped at the first strum of this guitar.  It's loud.  The bass is strong and provides a nice body massage.  The tone is balanced and can be mellow or bright depending on how you play. The combination of this visually striking ebony and hard maple neck makes for a slightly heavier guitar than I usually build. 

$3150  SOLD

135 - Back and sides of White Oak.  Alaskan Sitka top, cherry neck.  Osage Orange fingerboard and bridge.  Walnut trim.  EVO frets. 1 3/4" nut. 

This is an unusual combination of all American woods. White Oak is the secret tone wood. Few have heard how nice it sounds. Over the years, the Osage Orange fingerboard and bridge will darken to a golden brown. This guitar is loud and balanced.

125- Back and sides of Osage Orange.  Alaskan Sitka top.  Sycamore binding. Cherry neck. EVO frets. 1 3/4" nut.  Plays loud and strong with beautiful bass.


128 - Back and sides Osage Orange.  Alaskan Sitka top.  Macassar Ebony fingerboard, EIR Bridge and peghead veneer.  Cherry neck.  Sycamore trim.  EVO frets.  1 13/16" nut.  A loud and full sound.

On display at The House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, MD.


113-  A lefty cutaway with back and sides of Osage Orange.   1 3/4" nut.  Feels strange to me but it sounds quite nice when I strum it.

 On display at The House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, MD.

$3100  SOLD -- I will build another if ordered

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