Handmade Guitars by Bob Gramann

The Deep Run
The Deep Run is my smallest model named after the creek into which my neighborhood drains.  This one comes with a gig bag instead of a hard case and fits on most airplanes. Only 11" across the lower bout, it has a 24.9" scale and is a real guitar in spite of its size.  It is loud. I have played one of these in a jam where my flat-picked lead stood out above all of the other instruments.  The tone is surprisingly rich and will surprise you on the first strum.  One of my customers has a pickup (K&K) in hers and uses it for her traveling gigs.

The Deep Run
Very small with a big sound.    

110 Deep Run 111 front

110 - Osage Orange back and sides,
1 3/4" nut
$1299  SOLD
111 - Osage Orange Back and sides, 1 13/16" nut.  This one sounds way bigger than it is.  It's mine, but I will make you one like it, if you wish.


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