Handmade Guitars by Bob Gramann

The Classical
I am trying to find the secret of a great classical guitar.  So far, I've accomplished good and pretty good, but I'm not happy enough with the results to stop the quest.  Here are some of the guitars I've made on the journey.  If you're looking for a classical, come try them out.  Maybe one of them satisfies your quest.


32 classical
157- The Colors.  Osage Orange back and sides. Port Orford Cedar top. Spanish Ceday neck.  EIR fingerboard (16" radius) and bridge.  Sycamore trim.  Gotoh tuners.  French polish finish. The bracing is an original diagonal design, kind of a half-lattice. The Port Orford Cedar is stronger and lighter than spruce.  This one is loud with tighter treble sound than the guitars to the right on this page.


138 - Osage Orange Back and Sides.  Cedar top, Spanish Cedar neck.  Macassar Ebony fingerboard.  EIR bridge.  Black Walnut trim.  Sloan tuners. French Polish finish.  The bracing pattern is based on a 1923 Classical guitar by Santos Hernandez.

I have been on the quest for a great sounding classical guitar for years.  I'm getting closer and closer.  This is the best so far.  The trebles are strong and penetrating, but the guitar still has a warm, full strum.  The action is low and quick.  It definitely has a strong voice.


141 - Another based on the 1923 classical by Santos Hernandez.  This one has all American woods--Osage Orange back and sides, fingerboard, and bridge, Black Cherry neck, Black Walnut trim.  The fingerboard has a 16" radius.  French polish finish.  Rubner tuners.  Brilliant trebles and it plays nicely.

32 - Engelmann top, East Indian Rosewood back and sides.  2" nut. It has modified fan bracing with a curved harmonic bar and 5 struts.  The sound is balanced and it plays well.  The finish is standard french polish.


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